Apron Strings

A rainy day pitstop at Blumenstudio


It’s the first of April and I’ve signed up for a “30 days of biking” challenge for the month. And it snowed. Then it drizzled. It snizzled. Sigh. But, I convinced the boys to hustle together and set off for a trip to Hintonburg and then over to Westboro.. or West Wellington. Gosh, I can’t keep it straight where these neighbourhood lines are drawn. We noticed Blumenstudio as we cycled west and made a pact to stop in on our way back home.

Our two errands ended up being complete busts. But our stop for coffees completely redeemed our morning’s adventure.


We parked our bikes to the stop sign outside the shop and headed in.  Slightly damp from our ride in the snizzle, the airy and bright cafe immediately lifted our moods.

Blumenstudio cafe

I chose the John Wayne from the menu – a double shot of espresso, cream and a shot of vanilla.  Starbucks… oh Starbucks.. you will never compete with this drink.  Rich, potent and just sweet enough.  The perfect warm-your-toes drink for a drizzly day.


They had lots of milk alternatives in their “disco fridge” (the light was on the fritz), so Alden had a glass of rice milk in the most adorable glass ever.  With a straw.  Very important.   Provided without asking.   The Connect 4 on the table made for the perfect toddler distraction while we enjoyed our drinks and watched the traffic go by on Parkdale.

While we passed on the baked goods since we had Alden with us, I could see this being a really great “mom outing” on a quiet afternoon.

Need coffee?  Need flowers?  Say no more.

465 Parkdale Avenue (Just south of Gladstone)


1 30 Days of Biking: Day 1 | Modal Mom { 04.02.12 at 9:14 am }

[...] Stop #3: Coffee shop stop! (And flower shop!) The entire shopping trip may have been a failure, but our stop for a quick pick-me-up coffee redeemed the entire trip. Great drinks, friendly owners, happy toddler, beautiful surroundings. Thank you, Blumenstudio! (You can read more about this stop over on my food blog.) [...]

2 Kimberley { 10.01.12 at 3:32 am }

Nothing like savoring coffee or tea at a cafe during the rainy days. That is quite charming and heart-warming. Fancy a cup of tea under those outdoor umbrellas.

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