Apron Strings

Goodbye garden 2011

End of the season

Over the weekend, we tidied up the last of the plants in the garden.  Out came the broccoli and the last row of carrots.  We’re now down to the last stalks of swiss chard, spinach and the hardy herbs.

Sunday afternoon was spent canning five pounds of tomatoes into tomato jam.   There’s probably less than three pounds of tomatoes left to ripen fully in the basement.  Who knows, I may get one more tomato sauce out of them.

It’s pretty amazing how many tomatoes grew in that one bed of tomato plants.  This year I planted a mix of Siberian and Tiny Tims.  The Siberians I would grow again, they ripened early, produced heavily, resisted blight and looked *just* like the packet picture.  They were a great tomato to grow and versatile in the kitchen: sliced in salads, roasted for tomato sauce, cooked into jam and dehydrated into “sundried” tomatoes.  They did it all.

The Tiny Tims were great in salads, but one or two plants is plenty.  I definitely didn’t need six.  Next year, I’m thinking of growing a couple funky heirloom varieties instead.

Afternoon pickings

The broccoli I grew was Green Magic and it’s another keeper for next year.  It was packed with flavour and made the garden look like it was straight out of a Beatrix Potter story.

My broccoli

The carrots were a success this year.  Thanks to the raised beds and fluffier soil conditions, the carrots grew deep and straight.  Last year they were knobby and crooked.  Now I’m growing Peter Rabbit quality carrots.

Baby carrots

Convince me that these are not the cutest carrots ever.  Eat your heart out Peter Rabbit.  Paws off these babies.

As for next year – I’m planning on more strawberries, a full bed of garlic and more hardy greens.  I’m a little worried already that my dream garden of 2012 is too grand for our little space.  And Alden, your little sandbox is awfully tempting to co-opt into a strawberry patch.

Yes, I’ve already started plotting out next year’s beds.  I’ve got a stack of quirky seed packages from Solana Seeds that I can’t wait to use next year.  Summer, I miss you already.


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