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BBQ pork buns


The pork bun idea started out with this recipe from The Kitchn and a head a green cabbage that was feeling a bit neglected in the fridge. Given the carb to vegetable ratio, I also thought it would make a very toddler friendly meal.

The prep for this meal started out promising – the boy was even chomping on raw cabbage. This was clearly going to be a stellar, home run, ball-out-of-the-park recipe.  I was feeling smug.

I tweaked the original recipe in a few ways: we used cubed pork chops, our own BBQ sauce and my standby pizza dough recipe. I also removed the dairy parts of the recipe (butter and cheese) to make it Alden friendly.  (I think cheese seems really out of place with BBQ sauce anyway.)

In the end, Alden sort of tried one, but he was way more excited about eating the raw cabbage than the final product.  On the other hand, we loved them.  And they’ll definitely be served again.

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